Aug 4, 2017

Book Review: Sundered by Bethany Adams

Title: Sundered
Series: Return of the Elves Book 2
Author: Bethany Adams
Published Date: October 25,2016 
Publisher: A.W Books
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 315
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A life in shambles

Lyr might be a powerful elven lord in charge of thousands, but his personal life is a disaster. Just the month before, a daughter he’d never known existed arrived from Earth, giving him news of his lost love’s death. Since then, he has been betrayed, captured, and almost murdered. And though his enemy was defeated, Lyr’s wounds never seem to heal. He certainly doesn’t need more conflict.

A perilous journey

Amid the glittering perfection of Alfheim, Meli is a dismal failure. Haunted by visions of people and places she’s never seen, she struggles to find her place. So when her king orders her to lead an expedition to another world, Meli is caught between shock and terror. How can she navigate the Veil between worlds with no magic of her own? But with Alfheim threatened by strange, dark energy, she has no choice.

A threat that spans worlds

The last thing Lyr expects is the arrival of the Ljósálfar, the reclusive Norse elves of Alfheim. More surprising? One among them, Meli, is a possible soulbounded, a link he’d believed lost with his previous love. But wounded and besieged with problems on every side, he can’t let himself be distracted. Poisoned energy is flooding into the closely connected realms of the fae, causing sickness, and Lyr must rush to find the source of the threat.

Only Moranaia remains untouched—leading Lyr to suspect one of his own people might be to blame.
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**Some Spoilers**
The first book had me a little confused because of all the different characters you had to follow. But as I got into the second book it became clear as to why there were so many different characters and it was much easier to follow and understand. As I got deeper into this book the more interesting it got. The first book was more about Kai and Arlyn. This book went more into Lyr and him meeting his new soulbound.

The end of the first book Lyr was paranoid. I totally understand why he was. Going into the second book you learn he was also scared to go into the Library. Well don't really scared, more or less he wanted to avoid it at all cost because it always seems to bring up the memory of him almost losing his mother. Now we learn about the poison from the first book. Now it has seem to touch Alfheim. A realm all to itself. They pride themselves. They didn't want to ask for help but the older seer insisted on it. She also insisted on Meli, a women with no magical ablilities to lead the people through the veil. This guy named Poi who was apart of the group showed Meli that should could and gave her these runes they only work for her. Through the course of her life she has had dreams of a man with green eyes. She didn't know who it was until she met Lyr. Now they both think they have seen each other before. Come to find out they have. And Lyr and Arlyn didn't want to believe it at first. Lyr doesn't really care that Amiee his old lover has been reincarnated. Yes he misses her but he is in love with Meli.

So we found out Kein, the prince who has been banished is the one causing the problems because he wants to come back and take over the throne. He feels a seer shouldn't be in control. Then Kai finds his father in all this mess.

The book was amazing and I am glad I read it. Kai and Arlyn are the best. Their relationship is amazing. Even though it was kinda forced. But Arlyn went through it. I think Lyr and Meli make a wonderful couple as well and I am glad she went through the bounding as well. I am excited to see what is in store for them next since Ralan said that they will be fighting Kein another day. Is anyone going to die? Will they actually stop him? So many questions left unanswered. 


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