Review Rating

Reading books are my life, reviewing them is a whole new stepping stone. I am on a 5 star rating including half stars. Below is how I am going to determining the rating for each book:

 photo mistress5_zps7xky07jl.png
Was the best damn thing ever. Would recommend it to the world if I could!
 photo mistress4_zpso9eebmiw.png
Something I might look back and read later on in the future. Was entertaining enough to keep my mind occupied.
 photo mistress3_zpsk237lcf3.png
I liked it, it didn't knock my shoes off though.
 photo mistress2_zpsbgo9ikud.png
It was okay, a nice light read. Not something that was super thrilling, but still somewhat entertaining.
 photo mistress1_zpsvi8itj1e.png
Thoroughly disappointed, I may have finished the book, but my time was utterly wasted


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